About, J o r d a n!


"I want all young black and brown boys, who are angry with the world, to never give up hoping and always continue dreaming." Jordan graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Theatre. During his time in undergrad, Jordan was an actor, director, producer, stage manager, and arts administrator. The pride and joy of his collegiate career was having the honor to be the Acting Living Learning resident assistant for three years. Jordan has worked in multiple nonprofit art organizations in a variety of roles. His work within these various roles has shaped him into a generous leader and an exciting, artistic collaborator. He is currently the Literary and Casting Associate at The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol in Central Florida. He's grateful to be working with a regional theatre whose mission is parallel to his own. Jordan is the type of artist you’d want around in the office or during a ten-hour rehearsal because of his giving energy and absolute love of the work.

Jordan is passionate about breaking gender norms and social justice. He cares deeply about diverse representation and intersectionality within American theatre. He has a strong desire to amplify marginalized and underrepresented voices with the stories he chooses to tell. Stories that ignite conversation and inspire change are important to him. New works written by new voices are a huge part of his work. He creates theatre he not only wants to see now, but theatre he hopes outlives him.